When you go to an event, there's a lot going on and there are many experiences competing for your memory. Which one will be the strongest in the minds of your guests or your audience?

Will they remember the wonderful time they had? Maybe the lukewarm coffee? The terrible weather? The unfortunate delays?

Overall, your guests will remember how your event made them feel, and they will then select the details to reinforce that feeling.

What if, after the event, they saw a photo of themselves, laughing, being quirky, connecting, enjoying, doing something truly memorable?

That would be their lasting impression of your event and your brand. If you want them to come back next time, and bring all their friends with them, a lasting record of a wonderful memory is a critical part of your marketing plan.

Have you ever sat at a table and wished you were at another table with people who sounded like they were having more fun?

Now imagine seeing the photos that I would take and thinking, "Wow, that event looks great! When's the next one?"

That's the power of professional event photography.