Maybe you want people to listen to your music or come to your conference? What you're selling isn't entertainment or knowledge or new business contacts - what you're selling is an emotional experience. You could use a thousand words to describe that experience, or a single photo.

Not just any photo of course. The buyer can't tell the difference between the photo and the real thing. I know, it sounds crazy. When the photo is of poor quality, the implication is that the service or event will be of poor quality. When the photo is bright, vivid and eye catching, the viewer will unconsciously infer that the same is true of what you're selling. If the photo is good, the event must be good.

Just think - if you're hiring a lawyer, how do you feel if their first email to you has mistakes in it? You start to doubt their attention to detail, their technical proficiency, right? Of course, It's natural. There's far too much information in the world for us to make truly informed decisions, so we take short cuts. If something looks good, it must be good.

When the viewer sees people who they relate to having a great time, they think, "Those people are like me and I'm missing out! I want some of that!" and that's when they're ready to buy.

Only the best event photography from Genius captures people enjoying the emotional experience that you want to share with your next group of customers, clients and fans.